<em>Strathmore Expressive Printing Papers are Part of the Picture</em> portfolio with specimen sheets and enclosures

Strathmore Expressive Printing Papers are Part of the Picture portfolio with specimen sheets and enclosures. West Springfield, Mass.: Strathmore Paper Company, 1954.

After several years in retirement and relative obscurity, Will Bradley’s work began to receive greater acknowledgement. In 1950, an exhibit of Will Bradley’s work was mounted at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. Soon after, the Strathmore Paper Company commissioned him to produce a new paper sample book. Despite facing some personal setbacks, Bradley approached the project with enthusiasm. Filled with new designs that nodded to his classic work, but also incorporating new styles, the extensive portfolio is more than a simple advertising project: it also functions as a tribute to Bradley himself and his nearly sixty-year affiliation with the company.

Strathmore - Later style 1
Strathmore - Later style 2
Strathmore- Later style 3
Strathmore - Later style 4
Strathmore - Later style 5
“Strathmore Luncheon Honoring Will Bradley,” program

“Strathmore Luncheon Honoring Will Bradley,” program, March 25, 1954.